Sunday, March 26, 2017

Dil se ameeri

Kshama aur aadar dena,
har kisi ke bas ki baat nahi...
dil se bahut ameer bananaa padta hai !


Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Kahan tak?

Jyada lambi nahi hai zindagi,
Kaafila kahan tak saath jaayega?
Tu saagar sametne chalaa hai,
Bulbula tak na haath aayega!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017


When she is away she would ask, 

"Do you miss me?"

and I would not answer anything. She would again ask,

"You don't miss?"

I would be silent again. And this is not one time, every time she goes away, it would be the same, and she would take her own conclusions from my silence to which I would again have no reaction. 
I once had said, 

"I usually do not need friends, but when I need them I need them badly."

This is no more true. I am pushing myself to the direction where I am surrounded by just me and myself and surround so much that everything else have no impact of its being. Yes, sometimes back I lived in a shell world, where I would not let anything hit me. Now, there is no more shell, but a lake, calm and silent. You are free to throw stones, there may be momentary ripples but it would again try to become calm and silent with time. 

This time she was again away, 

"Don't you miss me?"

I replied back with a smile and silence.

"Ok! Not me. But at least her? Don't you miss her? Talk to her..." 

and she probably held the phone near her ears... 

I could not see her on phone, also if she would understand anything now as she is so young.

"Betu... kaa kar rha hai? So raha hai kaa?"

After a pause she took her phone back.

"Hans rahi hai, dekh rahi hai aapko... chup ho ke dhoond rahi hai idhar udhar. Aawaz kahan se aa rahi hai..."

There were ripples... I said to myself,

"life would be hard without you one day, some day... I am missing you!"

Pooja Ki Thali